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Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai : Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.
Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai : Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.

List of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory

List of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory – Choose from the best Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai and compare prices, cost and reviews. Find the best price for Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai UAE. Compare how much Wedding Dress Shops cost in Dubai and save money.

A wedding dress shop is still the bride’s haven. As bridegrooms, we hardly know anything about the workings that go on in such a shop. We are at wit’s end knowing what fabric is which and what designs are favorable to our bride. Better if we don’t even go with them to a dress shop. If you stay in Wales, may I suggest that you go to a wedding dress shop? With the development of Bridgend as the shopping hub of Wales, many specialty shops have located there and there are many shops to choose from, some of which are specialized in their craftsmanship based on centuries of plying their trade. There may be a store that specializes on wool gloves or tailors that specializes in wool fabrics as wool was a known trading product in the area of Bridgend.

Most brides going to a wedding dress shop arrive with a specific dress pattern in mind but are open to suggestions by the dress makers. The brides will from time to time fit on a wedding dress to see if it suits her. If there is a budget, she will have her dress customized, planning on the color, texture, cloth, and special work needed for the dress. She will also choose the theme for the bride’s maid and usherettes. A bride will take her time in the shop and often times, most especially when mother’s and aunts are involved, they will spend hours talking and chatting and end up not having fully decided on the color, make, style and cloth of the dress. The owners of Bridgend wedding dress shops are all aware of this and are patient and hospitable enough to wait on them. These owners, moreover, become friends with the bride and her entourage and a meeting would normally last the whole afternoon. There are instances when meetings extend to dinner time and a hearty meal is shared by the lot. It is during such times that the final choice and decision of how the dress shall look is done. For these are the times when people are less tense and more at ease with each other, and they somehow come to a clear decision on how the dress should look.

The expertise of wedding dress shop owners is the knowledge of the nature of the client. Many owners get more businesses from referrals by previous clients. Often times, these shops are so personalized that there are many notes seen in the shop of well pleased customers or should I say, friends. By knowing when to be patient, these Bridgend wedding dress shops show the ultimate consideration to these sometimes harassed brides. The owners are there to make that special day of the bride even more special by insuring that the wedding dress is done just right, perhaps exceeding expectations.

Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai : Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.
List of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory

List of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai

Find the top Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai with name, contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, Facebook link, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Find bellow list of Wedding Dress Shops in Dubai UAE.

1. Bride & Groom
Address & Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714-3542020
Category: Wedding Dress

2. Manali Fashion
Address & Location: Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mobile Number: +97155-8818654
Category: Wedding Dress

3. Mariage fashion Design
Address & Location: Al Rigga Bldg, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714-2662545
Fax: +9714-4572488
Category: Wedding Dress

4. The Wedding Shop LLC
The Wedding Shop – Dubai is the region’s leading bridal boutique with an extensive range of ready-to-wear bridal gowns and accessories from the world’s leading fashion house’s.

Since 2002, this family run boutique prides itself on providing the best possible service and a relaxed atmosphere for each and every bride. Our collection of over 200 dresses is the regions largest, creating ultimate choice for bride’s to be.

To complement your dress our buying team have identified bridal accessories from Spain, Germany, Canada, USA and UK, to add the final touches to your overall look.

Our products include bridal dresses, shoes, tiaras, boleros and an extensive range of men’s formalwear.
Address & Location: Jumeirah Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Telephone Number: +9714 344 1618
Category: Wedding Dress

5. Beljour Bridal
Address & Location: Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mobile Number: +971 558090374
Category: Wedding Dress

6. Demetrios Wedding Dress
Address & Location: Dubai Shopping Center,Street # 8,port Saeed,Near Deira City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714 295 3295
Category: Wedding Dress

7. The Bridal Showroom
Address & Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714 457 9400
Category: Wedding Dress

8. Contessa Dubai
Contessa is a Dubai-based modern boutique offering a wide selection of wedding gowns and evening dresses complementing fashion trends and elegance.

Address & Location: Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower, JLT Cluster X, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714 364 9280
Category: Wedding Shops

9. Arushi Couture
Address & Location: Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714 344 4103
Category: Wedding Shops

10. Vanila Wedding Boutique
Address & Location: Cluster N, JBC 4, Ground Level, Al Sarayat St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714 553 9010
Category: Wedding Shops

Wedding Dress Shops Dubai Location Map

This is the big day! The dress is the biggest part of the show! What will you wear? Who will go with you to pick it out? What will look best? These questions and others plague every bride as she begins the journey towards her second love, her wedding dress. Being thoughtful about the process of selecting your wedding dress, will create an experience that is memorable because of the amazing way it made you feel.

1. Style: Brides almost never arrive to a dress shop with absolutely no clue as to what they want to wear on their wedding day. Most have looked online or in magazines to see what styles they would like. While this is a great way to get a head start, it can also be a source of extreme disappointment. The style you have in mind might look fabulous on you. However, there is a chance it might not. Keeping an open mind when going to look for a dress is an important part of the journey. You may be completely surprised, but none the less thrilled with the style that actually does look fabulous on you. I had my heart set on a particular dress from a magazine when I went dress shopping. It was the first one I tried on at the store and I immediately knew when I saw myself in it that it was not for me. However, it did not ruin my day and I found there were plenty more styles that I liked even better.

2. Who to take: Traditionally, only a few people or even just the mother of the bride see the wedding dress before its debut. Today, brides want to feel more inclusive with their bridesmaids, siblings and sometimes even their fiancé. This is completely up to the bride, however, this will be an emotional experience and it is always best to choose people who will be emotionally supportive. Yes, you want people who will honestly give you an opinion on dresses, but opinions and truth can be presented in various ways and taking people along who will present it in a loving, thoughtful way will make your experience that much richer. When I went to pick out my dress, I took my sister, who was my matron of honor and my mother. I narrowed it down to two dresses and even went back a second day to try them both on again before I finally chose one. Once I had narrowed it down to the two, my sister and mother never stated which one they preferred. They simply told me that I looked beautiful in both and that whichever one I went with would be wonderful. That was so reassuring to me. I did try and pressure them a bit to confess which one they preferred, but they never did. I got to make the final selection and only received accolades from both. It was an awesome experience and I felt nothing but love and support from them.

3. Budget! Budget! Budget!: Did I mention budget? Can you imagine anything worse than looking in the closet at your wedding dress a month after your wedding and then looking at the stack of bills you and your husband have to pay and regretting that you went way over budget on a dress that you only wore for one day? This can sometimes happen even if you stayed on budget just because of the short time the dress is actually worn. So, if you have a budget, stick to it. If you don’t have a budget, but really need one, set one prior to going to look at dresses. Don’t live with regret.

4. Don’t be afraid to be creative: There are many options for accenting wedding dresses, so don’t be afraid to think outside the wedding dress box. For example, a colored sash makes a great addition to a dress that might not have the right amount of bling or style for you. A veil can also drastically change the look of a gown or a rhinestone head piece, if a veil isn’t for you. The point is to not just look at the dress as is, but consider how to give it your own personal touch. This can be especially important if you have selected a dress that helps you stay on budget, but isn’t your ideal gown.


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  1. Walking along the aisle will be a wonderful moment if you flatter a stunning wedding dress. As a little girl, you always dreamed of wearing a beautiful wedding costume. When you can find the best soul mate in your life, finally the time has come to pick up the perfect dress in Dubai. Many women are stressful since selecting a wedding dress is not as easy as they might think before. It is a hard decision due to the numerous models, designs, colors, styles, and fabrics. If you are smart enough, it is easy to get the best one made just for you. Follow the tips to find out the flawless dress for the big occasion.

    Collect various photographs of wedding dresses from the boutique promotions, advertisements and magazines six months before the reception. Scrutinize each design and grab 5 to 10 pictures of your favorites. You will know the different types of wedding dresses through the pictures. It is okay to collect the pictures worn by celebrities or famous people. The one made by Alexander McQueen for the royal wedding of Kate Middleton is very popular. She was dazzling wearing a white gown with floral lace details on the sleeves with a very long train.

    Casual Wedding Dress in Dubai – For an outdoor wedding during the day, pick a casual sweetheart dress paired with simple white strap low heels or satin ballerina shoes. The champagne, pure white or cream-colored dress is nice to have. Keep it simple, chic and short. The white sheer fabric or chiffon is perfect to show flowing effect. Other ideas are the sheath, A-line, and bubble dresses. The latter one is suitable for the woman who wants to show off a little leg due to the short model. If the affair is held during the hot season, the former is ideal to have. The bride will never feel the heat for the upper back, upper chest, shoulders and arms are left bare. The bride with pear body may balance the posture with a simple A-line dress. All of them are great for beach or garden nuptial.

    Formal Wedding Dress in Dubai – An elegant wedding outfit is exceptional for formal evening wedding. Flatter a floor-length bridal dress with a train and gloves. Complement it with pearl jewelry for classic style. The peach, vintage white or ivory color is the appropriate one for this event. The fabrics should be thick and heavy. Choose organza, silk, lace, and satin as they are the common materials for formal gowns.

    Set A Budget – Decide the budget before you go shopping on the local stores in Dubai. If you dream to wear a Vera Wang dress, prepare at least $10,000. If you cannot afford it, opt for a custom-made wedding dress by the local designers in Dubai with the price as little as $750. If the budget is super tight, look for a secondhand wedding dress with the price of $250 to $500. Get it on the vintage market or thrift stores.

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