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Liposuction in Dubai : Liposuction in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Liposuction in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.
Liposuction in Dubai : Liposuction in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Liposuction in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.

List of Liposuction in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory

List of Liposuction in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory – Choose from the best Liposuction in Dubai and compare prices, cost and reviews. Find the best price for Liposuction in Dubai UAE. Compare how much Liposuction cost in Dubai and save money.

Liposuction or liposculpture is a cosmetic procedure which, using the suction technique, removes the excess fat from specific areas of the body. Thus, both women and men can enhance the appearance of their bodies without major scarring.

Liposuction should not be perceived as a weight loss alternative, but as a method to eliminate stubborn fat which doesn’t seem to disappear through exercising or diets. During liposuction, only the superficial layers of fat are removed, not the deeper ones, and although this procedure is suitable for both sexes, women are the ones who undergo liposculpture more often as they tend to develop excess fat on more areas of the body as compared to men who usually require just an abdominal liposuction.

It should be kept in mind that liposuction is not synonymous with a tummy tuck; as mentioned above, liposuction helps patients get rid of the superficial fat whereas a tummy tuck targets more profound areas of fat and also removes the excess skin which is often a post effect of pregnancy.

There are different kinds of liposuction procedures available today, however, all have one common aim: to remove the extra fat from particular areas of the body. Here are a few types of liposuction operations:

• Vaser liposuction or HD liposuction: The popularity of this kind of cosmetic procedure is on the rise because the recovery process is significantly faster and easier. This is due to the fact that HD liposuction is done using an ultrasound liposuction technology which promotes the removal of fat without affecting blood vessels, nerves or connective tissues. During a Vaser liposuction, the surgeon only targets the fat cells, easily removing them after being broken apart, this kind of procedure being able to make excess fat disappear from areas of the body where standard liposuction cannot be used. Vaser liposuction can treat areas like the chin, neck, chest, breasts, upper arms, hips and thighs.

• Laser liposuction: This type of liposuction involves the use of a laser that liquidates fat before it can be removed. This makes the suction technique less invasive, another benefit of the laser liposuction being the production of natural collagen which minimizes the risk of post-op sagging skin. The laser used during this procedure can also positively influence the risk of bruising and bleeding because it cauterizes broken blood vessels.

• Tumescent liposuction: Surgeons that perform this kind of liposuction use a diluted mix of various types of medication along with a local anesthetic that fill the layers of fat, making it easier for them to extract the additional fat. During this sort of procedure, the patient lies awake on the operating table and can even perform light motions if needed.

• Lipodissolve: During this type of liposuction, surgeons use small chemical-filled injections to dissolve the excess fat, making this procedure ideal for patients who wish to improve the aspect of smaller areas of the body.

Liposuction in Dubai : Liposuction in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Liposuction in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.
List of Liposuction in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory

List of Liposuction in Dubai

Find the top Liposuction in Dubai with name, contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, Facebook link, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Find bellow list of Liposuction in Dubai UAE.

1.MC Body Clinic
Location & Address: Villa no. 412 Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143855552
P.O.Box: 212156
Fax: +97143855522

2. Al Qudra Medical Center
Location & Address: Jumairah Street near Arab Tower, Umm Squaim, Dubai, UAE
Sheikh Zayed Road, White Crown Building, Next Jall Hotel, 8th floor, 801, Trade Center Area, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143319109
P.O.Box: 118340
Fax: +97143316177

3. Ibrahim Abbara Dermatology & Venereology Clinic
Location & Address: Al Dhiafah Road , Satwa, National Bank of Dubai Bldg, Al Mankhool, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143988853
P.O.Box: 49380
Fax: +97143988872

4.Manchester Body Care
Location & Address: Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number:+97143497070
P.O.Box: 53530

5. Dr. Anwar Al Atari Dermatology And V.D. Clinic
Location & Address: Dry Dock, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143457502
P.O.Box: 7212
Fax: +97143450317

6. De Paris Medical Center
Location & Address: Villa # 21, Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Mankhool, Bur Dubai, Opposite EPPCO Petrol Station, Al Mankhool, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143988288
P.O.Box: 52002

7. Dr. Raja Youssef Asfour Clinic
Location & Address: Sheikha Sana building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Area, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143514150
P.O.Box: 212581
Fax: +97143514154

8. Dr. Simin Medical Clinic
Location & Address: Jumeirah Beach Street, Jumeirah Center, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143444117
P.O.Box: 333441

9. Dr. Mahaveer Mehta Skin & Vd Medical Center
Location & Address: Al Ghurair City Towers, Al Riqqa Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97142219300
P.O.Box: 14477

10. Dr. Salah Al Rubaie Dermatology & Veneroeology Clinic
Location & Address: Murjanat Al Khaleej Bldg, Al Muraqqabat, Deira Near Old Labour Office, Al Khabeesi, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97142977716
P.O.Box: 25106
Fax: +97142977715

Liposuction Dubai Location Map


There are many terms that are associated with Liposuction, this includes Lipoplasty or fat modeling, Liposculpture, or in shorter terms Lipo. Although, the terms Liposuction, Lipoplasty, and Liposculpture differ in some ways but still they entail fat removal. Liposuction, as what we commonly call it, is a cosmetic surgery operation that can remove fats from the different areas of the body. Most people who want to undergo Liposuction want to extract the fat away from the neck, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back of the arms, and practically elsewhere where there are great fat deposits.

Because of the popularity of Liposuction, many people especially those who find it difficult to manage their weights and body fats want to undergo Liposuction surgery. However, Liposuction is not accessible for everybody since the cost is not that affordable. Sometimes, there are several factors that can limit the amount of fat that can be removed in one session, thus fat removal may need several sessions – the more that it will become more costly.

On the other hand, no matter how costly Liposuction is, it is still one of the accessible surgeries that some individuals want to avail. There are several benefits of Liposuction that can still encourage people to undergo one, these are:

It is safe and effective. Liposuction compared to other fat removal and other surgery procedures is safer and more effective and it can easily be combined with other techniques in cosmetic surgery.

It gives improved health performance. Since Liposuction extracts the fats away from your body, then it has overall good effects to your system. Most, if not all, doctors agree that weight loss or fat loss is the best way to lessen the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancers, and other diseases that are associated with excess weight and sugar problems. Although, Liposuction has its limits that it cannot remove very large quantities of fat, but it can help remove up to 10 pounds of stubborn fats – those fats that resist diet and exercise.

Although uncommon, Liposuction can also give benefits to those who are in need of breast reduction. This type of surgery is often used when disproportionate large breasts can cause health problems such as migraines, headaches, back pains and even neck pains.

It enhances appearance. Those people who have low self esteem due to their inability to manage their weight properly can now move on to a normal life. Furthermore, even those people who find it difficult to remove fats away from the problem areas of their body can now make it possible. Liposuction also offers body smoothing and contouring effects by the simple virtue that one can fit into his or her clothes and feel better. Patients who undergo Liposuction can even find themselves that they can now join activities which they normally shied away.

It removes fat effectively. Fat is never been bad for the body. In fact, fat cells are designed to store unused energy for the body for survival purposes, insulation from cold, shock absorption, and the body’s source of emergency fuel. However, the specific areas of the body where fat is stored primarily depends on one’s body type and genetics. Liposuction is a very effective surgery for those who want to remove unwanted pockets of fat accumulated disproportionately in different areas of the body that contributes to more undesirable appearance.

It removes cellulite. Cellulite build up is caused by the fat cells which are pushed through the collagen connective tissues which are directly beneath the skin’s surface making a dimpled appearance or giving a cottage cheese look. The appearance of cellulite is not related with the amount of body fat a person has; it is even common to healthy people and even underweight people. However, cellulite is more common to women since women do not have tighter collagen mesh patterns compared to men. In this way, liposuction aids in cellulite removal in both men and women but it is not a permanent cure to cellulite. Since cellulite removal is dependent on many factors including genetics, one cannot expect that liposuction can 100% eliminate cellulite from the body.

Now as benefits are mentioned above, there are also risks, complications, or disadvantages entailed by Liposuction, these are:

Liposuction is costly. Not all people can afford Liposuction. Sometimes, one session is not enough to thoroughly remove fats from the body and it entails more costs for multiple sessions.

Excessive removal of fats can cause lumps and dents. Sometimes, if done excessively, Liposuction can cause lumpiness and dents around the area being treated. The more fats that are removed from the body, the more risks it entails.

Allergic reaction to medications and materials used during surgery may arise. There might be a tendency of an allergic reaction from the patient once the medications are applied and/or once the materials have been used to the body. This may result to complications and undesirable results.

An infection may occur. Once the body is incised or punctured, there is a greater chance for bacteria to get in and cause an infection. During the liposuction process, multiple small punctured wounds are made just to insert the cannula or tube, which may vary in size, to a part of a body which may cause infections.

Problems may arise during the insertion of the cannula. The cannula if not inserted properly can cause damage to the tissues beneath the skin which may show up as a spotted appearance on the skin’s surface. On the other hand, since the surgeon cannot see the cannula, sometimes it can damage the internal organ. However, experienced surgeons can unlikely puncture an internal organ.

Other complications can also include contour irregularities and fluid imbalance. These complications may arrive to the destruction of the internal organ or make a person in a bad shape.

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