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Laundry Shops in Dubai : Laundry Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Laundry Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.
Laundry Shops in Dubai : Laundry Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Laundry Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.

List of Laundry Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory

List of Laundry Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory – Choose from the best Laundry Shops in Dubai and compare prices, cost and reviews. Find the best price for Laundry Shops in Dubai UAE. Compare how much Laundry Shops cost in Dubai and save money.

Why It’s Better to Hire Laundry Services

Washing the laundry may just be the most difficult of household tasks. Even with a laundry machine, the task still requires a lot of effort: the right detergent must be chosen, items must be sorted by type and color and then there is the long process of drying. Add to that the difficulty of washing certain types of items like silk garments and hard scratchy towels. Now if you’re living in London, it becomes doubly troublesome-things move fast in this city and other more important tasks need your attention. So if you feel burdened by your laundry, know that there is a ready answer to this problem-make use of laundry services.

Most laundering facilities are capable, but if you’re paying good money, then you should get more than an okay service-you should get the best. One mark of a good laundry shop is that they properly classify items according to their type of fabric, and then they service it accordingly. This is done because some materials are more delicate than others; lace garment, for example, need a much lighter wash than, say, a denim jacket. With proper sorting, your items will be kept from damage and returned to you in the best condition.

One other thing that good laundry shops have is a repair service. Before an item is washed, they make sure that it doesn’t have any tear, lest the washing will just make the tear bigger. This service may come with an extra charge, but if it ensures that your clothes are not only clean but also good to wear, then it would be worth what you’re paying.

When you’re looking for a laundry shop, check their facilities if they are kept clean and hygienic. A clean working area speaks of professional service and good standard operations. Don’t trust your clothes to a shop that can’t keep their own place neat. Also try to know who will be in charge of your laundry: a good laundry shop only hires workers trained on how to best handle the customers’ items and what the proper treatment are for each.

You should also know how soon a laundering facility could return your items. Good laundry services in London know how important time is to their customers, and they make sure to meet their customers’ needs. They can accommodate rush, overnight and even delivery jobs.

Lastly, make the most of your chosen laundry services in London. If it’s a good one, it should offer not only washing, but also does ironing, carpet cleaning and general home cleanup. A shop that can meet your different needs probably have had a long experience in the business and experience often translates to good service. Finding a good laundry service may not be instant but once you do, you can then breathe easier knowing that your clothes will be cleaned to your satisfaction.

List of Laundry Shops in Dubai

Find the top Laundry Shops in Dubai with name, contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, Facebook link, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Find bellow list of Laundry Shops in Dubai UAE.

1. Fresh N Clean Laundry & Dry Cleaning LLC
Address & Location: Al Karama, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 342 6161
Category: Laundry Shops

2. Dilbar Laundry
Address & Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 265 1330
Category: Laundry Shops

3. Pressto Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Address & Location: Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE
Mobile Number: +97152 693 5119
Category: Laundry Shops

4. Primavera Dry Cleaning
Address & Location: Oud Metha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number: +9714 324 4340
Category: Laundry Shops

5. The Laundry Zone Dry Cleaning
Address & Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 298 9603
Category: Laundry Shops

6. Dubai Laundry
Address & Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 336 4158
Category: Laundry Shops

7. Eastern Rose Laundry
Address & Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97150 658 0811
Category: Laundry Shops

8. Washplus Laundry
Address & Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 357 6295
Category: Laundry Shops

9. Al Tanagam Laundry
Address & Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 222 0860
Category: Laundry Shops

10. Atlas Laundry
Address & Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 396 9716
Category: Laundry Shops

Laundry Shops Dubai Location Map

Choosing the best laundry service shouldn’t be that hard once you know aspects to look for from your service provider. I am using a reliable laundry in Kiev for years and I didn’t found the service provider I’m using now until I understand these aspects. To help you get started, let me tell you some of the most important aspects to consider when making a choice.

It is only natural that you can find laundry services being made available by companies and individuals offering maid services. Laundry services can be part of a general cleaning service package. However, when you do choose such comprehensive package, make sure the service provider you are dealing with has good reputation when it comes to handling laundry. Check with previous clients and seek references to double check the information you get about the service provider’s reputations.

Don’t forget to ask for cleaning products used in the process of cleaning your dirty clothes. Make sure the products used are eco-friendly and are suitable for the kind of fabrics that will be laundered. Even the slightest mistake could cause catastrophes, which are exactly what you don’t want to happen to your favorite clothes.

There are licenses and liability insurances designed for laundry services, so check if the service provider you are engaging has them. Licenses can tell you that their code of conducts and laundering processes are certified according to certain standards. Liability insurance policy that comes with the service package you are getting will protect your clothes from unwanted mishaps — you will be compensated should any of the possible laundry-disasters occurs.

Last but not least, see if the service you are getting comes with reasonable price tag. You don’t want to spend more than your monthly budget while still getting the best laundry services, do you? If you have limited budget, simply start with the amount of money you can afford to spend and find reliable service packages listed within your budget range. Those aspects are pretty much all that you should consider when you are serious about getting the best laundry service.

Getting laundry services to help you deal with dirty clothe problems is the best way to go if you are busy and don’t have time to deal with the issue specifically. There are lots of laundry services available near you, offering you quality service packages at highly reasonable prices. When I first moved to Kiev, I thought getting a good laundry service to help me; I ended up finding the best laundry in Kiev to help me with dirty clothes.

When it comes to laundry service, there is more than one occasion when you should really ask questions. You should never hesitate to ask questions whenever you need to. Service providers, especially launderers, should be more than glad to assist you with your inquiries, and they’ll answer any of your questions for sure.

When you are on the lookout for reliable launderer to assist you, asking questions can really help you screen potential service providers easily. Ask questions about the kind of cleaning products used, the standards and quality assurances used in their cleaning process, and other needed subjects to make sure you are dealing with the best service provider available. Simply ask questions whenever you find subjects or aspects of the service package you don’t understand. It will help you determine if the launderer you are engaging is experienced as well; the more experiences they have, the better they will answer your questions and inquiries.

When you drop your dirty laundry for cleaning — or when the service provider pick up your dirty clothes — don’t hesitate to ask questions about stains or certain fabrics and how they will clean them to make sure your clothes are handled properly. Asking questions and understanding their answers — including giving feedback to state your expectations — can help you achieve the results you want easily.


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