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Gold Shops in Dubai : Gold Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Gold Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.
Gold Shops in Dubai : Gold Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Gold Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.

List of Gold Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory

List of Gold Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory – Choose from the best Gold Shops in Dubai and compare prices, cost and reviews. Find the best price for Gold Shops in Dubai UAE. Compare how much Gold Shops cost in Dubai and save money.

The traditional assets that people invest in are typically stocks, bonds, cash and sometimes real estate. There are also mutual funds related to all of these asset classes. Where does gold fit into this picture? Gold traditionally was only used to hedge against inflation or when there was economic crisis in the world. The last time when gold had a large increase in price before now was in the 1970’s. This period was characterized by world turmoil, high debt and high inflation.

Gold is thought of as a metal which is used in jewelry and ornaments, but this is only a part of the picture. These uses are an attempt to classify gold by what it physically does versus what it represents. The reason why gold is used to hedge inflation or economic events is because gold is money. If you need proof of this, understand that the biggest buyers of gold have been central banks. They are not using gold to make jewelry, but to backstop their respective currencies. Lately, they have been net buyers after many years of being net sellers. If gold is out of date as a currency, the central bankers would not be interested in gold today.

Gold is the one of the longest running currencies in the history of commerce, and it was used in many cultures to represent wealth. This concept is still true today, but it has been obscured by the fact that the US dollar is now a representative currency or reserve currency for that wealth. You have no doubt heard of the “gold standard”. There was once a time when all of the currencies of the world were exchanged at a fixed rate to gold. Gold was essentially the base currency for the world, and then all of the other currencies like the pound, yen, dollar and franc were compared to the value of gold. Only recently was the US dollar used as a proxy for gold. This was done at first because the US government had a sufficient amount of gold to back up the representative value of the currency. This is like saying that the US dollar was a receipt that represented real gold stored in a government vault. When the dollar was taken off the gold standard, the receipt now had no gold backing it up. Instead, the power of the US treasury to tax people or generate value is where the dollars’ worth comes from. Implicit in this idea was simply a matter of trust that the government, or whoever issued the currency would always create value that the currency unit represented. At the time that the gold standard was disabled, the national debt and deficit were not as large as today. At the present time, the debt has grown so large that there is talk about government bankruptcy.

What does this have to do with your investing? Gold should not be treated like any other industrial metal, but more like currency. Like other currencies, what gold will buy in your dollars will change every day, similar to how many Euros you can buy with your dollar. This is one reason why gold is volatile, and it has risks like any other investment. What would affect the price of this gold? There are always many factors, but in terms of a currency, its purchasing power is the key variable in understanding the gold price. Since currencies are relative to other currencies, the way to look at gold is – how much of it is there compared to the other currencies of the world? Since all of the other currencies are based on trust, and currencies can be issued in any quantity at any time, this is a clue as to how to proceed. Gold is expanding every year due to mine production, but this is relatively slow compared to the issuance of other currencies, which are essentially issuing new debt.

Gold Shops in Dubai : Gold Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. List of Gold Shops in Dubai with Telephone Number, Website Link, Email Address & Location Map.
List of Gold Shops in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory

List of Gold Shops in Dubai

Find the top Gold Shops in Dubai with name, contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, Facebook link, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Find bellow list of Gold Shops in Dubai UAE.

1. Aaryan Jewellery Trading
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 12651, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 3599155
Category: Gold Shops

2. AB Jewllery & Gold Smith LLC
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 191260, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 2295567
Category: Gold Shops

3. Abbaz Zadegan & Akef Jewllery LLC
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 87393, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 2561147
Category: Gold Shops

4. Adel Ba Ali Jewellery
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 64422, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 2295033
Category: Gold Shops

5. Adnan Al Khaja Goldsmithing
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 7585, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 2256450
Category: Gold Shops

6. Al Atlal Jewellery
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 55485, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 2968770
Category: Gold Shops

7. Al Bahar Gold Shops
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 13544, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 2265146
Category: Gold Shops

8. Al Bahrain Jewelleries
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 64648, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 2259012
Category: Gold Shops

9. Cartier Boutique
Address & Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 3303334
Category: Gold Shops

10. Aabharan Jewellery LLC
Address & Location: P.O.Box: 6401, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +9714 3356667
Category: Gold Shops

Gold Shops Dubai Location Map

With the price of the precious metals going sky high in the last few years, a lot of people have been digging into that box in the attic with their old high school class ring, or plundering their jewelry boxes for that old broken necklace that they saved just for this occasion. And in response, thousands of companies online have sprung up advertising on TV in some cases, asking you to mail in your gold in a box they will send you. Also, there is the local jewelry shop that is now advertising in the paper their “CASH FOR GOLD” program, or their “GOLD PARTIES.” There is little doubt that now is the time to cash in your metals for money, but this guide will help you make the best decision on where is the best place for you in order to get the most for your property!

Online Dealers

Most online dealers are a scam. They will receive your gold and quote you 10% of what it is worth. These companies can spend so much on advertising because they are ripping everyone off! That said, there are some reputable dealers online that pay closer to 50% but even these companies are hit and miss. It seems that many investigative journalists have conflicting reports about which companies pay the best. Which means they quote one price for one day, and the next day they quote 20% less for the same amount of gold! It is a sneaky tactic used to trick the people. Stay away!!!

Local Jewelry Stores

Everyone knows their local jeweler. He is the nice man that sits next to you in church on Sundays. He always wears the nicest suits and his daughters have the brand new cars out back. He is making a hefty markup on all the jewelry he sells. (In some cases up to 300%!) That is a red flag. Anyone that would make that profit margin isn’t in business. He is in theft. Stay away!!!

Coin Dealer/Cash for Gold Stores

These stores are hit and miss also, but it is also here where you stand to get the most for your gold, silver and platinum. Look for stores that have a website where you can check the price of gold. Also, look for stores that have phone numbers where you can call and ask for their prices. Any reputable dealer will tell you what he can pay over the phone. Also, look for stores that don’t have a lot of inventory and have low overhead, that means they can pay you more!


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