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About Us

This website is an independent information guide that is written, edited and maintained by Digital One Marketing, a leading publisher of online consumer information guides in United Arab Emirates. Our goal is to provide factual, up-to-date information and shopping advice to online consumers. This site does not sell products directly and is not affiliated with any individual manufacturer.

The Local Directory was created by AllUAE.ae. At AllUAE.ae, we create unique new methods of finding the information you need every day. Our team is made up of talented people who are dedicated to developing creative solutions to help you find what you are looking for faster.

AllUAE.ae highly relevant content experiences for today’s digital consumers, as well as niche content monetization services to publishers. Fundamental demand for AllUAE.ae’s offering continues to grow with the inevitable transition of online pricing models from clicks to actions. The ability to intelligently identify consumer intent and accurately match it with relevant and timely offers, will be critical for delivering value for advertisers as they consistently move online in the future. AllUAE.ae has more than 100 websites offering consumer information in five strategic categories – health & wellness, technology, lifestyle, education and finance. Its network of sites attracts more than 5 million visitors each month.

Contact Information

For all reader inquiries, please contact us here or at the following address:

Office 128, Sky Business Centre
Nadd Al Hamar Road
Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
PO Box: 76008 Dubai UAE
Telephone Number: +97142559975


AllUAE.ae welcomes submissions of articles, tips, advice and ideas from our readers. You may contact us here.


AllUAE.ae welcomes advertising inquiries for banner advertisements on this site. Please submit advertising inquiries here or call the number above.


AllUAE.ae respects the privacy rights of our clients, contributors and readers. Your email address or other personal information will never be sold or otherwise distributed for any purpose or to any other party.


All contents of are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without prior written consent from the publisher. Other websites that reproduce material from this site are subject to any and all penalties under the law and will be reported immediately to major search engines.

AllUAE.ae is a pioneer in the UAE’s information business. Millions of visitors visit AllUAE to source the right products and services. AllUAE.ae is the number one local business directory and search engine in the United Arab Emirates, connecting many thousands of buyers with sellers in UAE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

At AllUAE.ae we do understand that behind every search there is a specific need, something which has more meaning than the words which are keyed into the search box. We do understand the importance of providing relevant, up-to-date information fast thus allowing our users the privilege of choosing and experiencing the satisfaction of getting what they want. We believe that providing a compelling local search experience will empower users to live their daily lives more efficiently and effectively.

Advertisers looking to reach online consumers can select from a range of advertising services like business listing ads, opt for keywords of their choice, showcase their business, select premium advertising options on the home page, search page or landing page. No matter the size of business, we offer advertising solutions to meet business need.

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The new media landscape is changing and at UAE business directory, we understand that consumers need to find information while on-the-go.

The convenience of searching local from a mobile device is fast and easy with our various mobile search options. Check out AllUAE.ae on your handheld device to experience the convenience while on the move! We will continue to innovate with new features, powerful tools and rich, localized content – all to help users discover their local world no matter how they prefer to search.

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